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Our time is now

I have never seen the international media cover much of the country since I started reading international publications when I was in high school in the late 1990s. ┬áThere is truly renewed interest in the country today and let us take note of these developments and build upon it. This video captures where we are: […]


Last June 29, I flew to Cagayan de Oro City to be with our local partner, Happy Soles: CDO Funds for Little Kids, so that I can go with them to Camiguin for June 30 – July 1 and also to help them organize the upcoming LOG ON seminar with Josiah Go and Anton Lim. […]

Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation, Inc.

Last May 23, 2012, the Philippine Funds for Little Kids (aka Yellow Boat Project) officially became the Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation, Inc. I am happy to note that since we started a little over a year ago, we’re now present in 6 communities around the Philippines and counting. In the last 20 months, we’ve […]

Building regional competitiveness

I hope they succeed. I personally believe that one of the things that’s keeping our wages depressed is the oversupply of talent and labor in Metro Manila because most of the brightest around the Philippines choose to work and live here. If the opportunities are present in the region where they were born, it will […]

Prioritize the poor

Earlier this morning, I happened to read through a wonderful article on Foreign Affairs entitled Prioritize the Poorest. Before I go on to discuss what made it wonderful, let me first take a short detour. Since I started blogging a few years ago (remember HungryPeople?), I have never really been comfortable about sharing my thoughts […]

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